Cloud Services

We design, build and support cloud infrastructure and automations, from WordPress hosting through to fully managed, complex micro-services and big-data setups.

We make use of a range of pay as you go cloud services including Infrastructure, AI, ELT, Video Transcoding, Databases and Cloud Storage to engineer the right solution for you. Taking advantage of these cloud services can save your business money without compromising performance or user experience.

We design, build and support cost-effective, scalable, and resilient hosting platforms with 24/7 uptime. We can help you with your business continuity, performance testing and customer SLAs.

From single server WordPress installs, to fully automated auto-scaling containerised micro-services, we have the experience and expertise to design and build the right hosting solution for you.


We support a number of cloud service providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Rackspace and Digital Ocean. This gives us the flexibility to recommend the best option for your application hosting and budgetary requirements.


Whatever stage your application or website is at, we can help you design the best architecture to meet your business, compliance and customer expectations. This can include a mix of public and private clouds to create a hybrid cloud solution as well as secure links to any existing hosted applications in your own data center.


We set up auto-scaling for applications and websites that receive surges in traffic. This keeps you in control of your costs without compromising your customers’ experience. Automatic failover across regions can also be supported.


All of our deployments come with fully automated back-ups on a rolling 30-day retention cycle. We offer a number of options for off-site storage and retrieval.

Devops is in our DNA as such we approach all projects with automation and testing front of mind. Automating deployment, and testing component elements of your solution continuously speeds up delivery and reduces bugs in your product. This makes developers more productive and improves quality – ultimately saving you time and money.


The microservices design pattern enables us to break an application into constituent parts. Each part can be clearly tested independently of the wider application. Every microservice is configured with the compute resources required and can easily be scaled up and down.


We support containerization using Docker and Kubernetes. Containerization allows us to build complex micro-service-based architectures that are both highly scalable and resource efficient.


Using services such as Amazon’s Cloudformation Templates and Ansible, we script up the compute stack and services for your application. This gives you a fully controlled and versioned configuration leading to a more reliable service. It also enables new environments for testing and development to be started up and shut down quickly.


As a development partner we are committed to introducing best practice and to supporting our clients’ existing development teams. By setting up continuous integration, we are able to support frequent releases and promote an agile and continuous improvement mindset.

All of our websites, platforms and hosting solutions are monitored 24/7 with customised alerts and escalation procedures based on your requirements.

We provide ongoing maintenance, patching and updates to servers, as well as technical support for your applications and website.

24/7 Monitoring

We offer 24/7 uptime and response monitoring for applications and websites with customisable alerts and notification channels. This service gives you realtime reporting and a monthly performance summary with recommendations.


We offer load and performance testing for your application. Our operations team work with you to set up test scripts, and to establish sensible benchmarks. By utilising cloud services, we are able to stress-test most applications and hosting set-ups.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster recovery planning is essential for any online business. We support you in creating your plan and in implementing the necessary recovery systems. This gives your shareholders confidence in the resilience of your service.

Customisable SLA

All of our support services come with an SLA tailored to your requirements and budget.

Use Cases

Data Analysis

Using cloud services to provision big-data databases and to manage ELT workflows.

cloud services data analysis case study

Performance Testing

Performance testing applications and websites using cloud based agents to benchmark performance.

cloud services - performance testing case study

Download Cloud Services 2018 Overview

In this report we present an overview of the Cloud Services marketplace, looking at the key players and services they offer. We explore some common use cases, myths and things to look out for when selecting a provider.

cloud services - cloud technologies download