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Performance testing applications and websites using the cloud.


To ensure your infrastructure is stable and resilient, we provide a state-of-the-art performance testing capability as part of our Hosting and DevOps offerings. During any stage of the development pipeline we can quickly and easily simulate a variety of high-traffic conditions, monitor the responsiveness of our applications and produce detailed reports on areas that require improvement.

This performance testing is quick, painless and highly configurable to accommodate any bespoke requirements. The capability was originally built for our client AgeChecked, who need to be confident that their service could remain stable and responsive when being used by thousands of concurrent users from across the globe. Throughout the application development process we have been able to identify and improve numerous performance bottlenecks, and are continuously testing and monitoring the scalability of the site to help achieve these requirements.

In Detail

Our performance testing capability is built primarily using the same tool-kit that we use to manage our infrastructure, AWS and Ansible, and uses Apache Jmeter under-the-hood to run customised request scripts and collect results. This ensures that the capability remains cost-effective, easy to develop, and highly customisable. Test scripts can be simple or complex as needed, from a single page visit to a multi-step interactive visit with session management and conditional behaviour.

Performance tests can be run on-demand, with any number of concurrent users. Results are packaged into an interactive website upon completion, and provide numerous metrics and charts to help identify any problem areas within the application or infrastructure. Our infrastructure also includes various monitoring tools, such as Datadog or MetricBeat, which can be used to monitor the underlying constraints on the server during testing.

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To talk to us about performance testing and tuning your application or hosting please get in touch using the form or call us on +44(0) 117 933 2595.

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