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AgeChecked Application Hosting & Cloud Services

Managing the cloud infrastructure and application hosting for AgeChecked – an age verification service.

Our mission / brief

We were asked to design and build a cloud based, high availability, auto-scaling hosting platform for the AgeChecked application. The platform needs to support a high volume of traffic and to be easy to configure and deploy to.

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Our strategy

Using our knowledge of the Amazon Web Services ecosystem and our Devops expertise we got to work designing a multi-environment scalable hosting architecture for the Agechecked application. Using the latest tools for configuration management and automated deployment along with some engineering secrets our goal was to build a highly scalable, redundant and secure application hosting platform.


We have worked closely with the AgeChecked team to plan out the requirements for their hosting environment.  Our Devops team has implemented the core autoscaling, load-balanced and redundant hosting infrastructure on the Amazon Cloud. The solution uses Ansible and a number of AWS services including Cloudformation and Codebuild to automate configuration management and deployments. The architecture supports fail-over to ensure high availability of critical services.

The final solution allows easy deployment of multiple environment stacks and is monitored 24/7 by our support team. As part of the project we have implemented a disaster recovery a plan and are carrying out regular performance testing.

As the AgeChecked team and service continues to grow we are on hand to help out with technical consultancy, server provisioning and continued monitoring and support.

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Key Services

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The service will launch fully when the digital services economy bill comes into force in the UK. We have implemented the development, staging and production environments and have started to load and penetration test the set-ups ready for launch.