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Digital out-of-home

Cross-device digital video creative is often devised from a traditional widescreen mindset.

Since the explosion of digital screens out-of-home, we have been breathing new life into TVC creative, re-engineering it for bespoke landscape, portrait and multi-screen formats in DOOH environments including malls, shops, underground stations and taxis.


Higher-resolution displays, and technologies such as OLED, transparent displays, quantum dot and HDR, have opened up new possibilities, enabling brighter colours and wider viewing angles.

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Our strategy

After some careful research we proposed 3 different strategies using the available assets.

However by using dynamic technology we were able to use these strategies to produce 9 different messaging sets to be released in stages throughout the lifespan of the campaign.

By doing this we avoid the campaign from feeling tired or repetitive, especially considering the length of the back to school campaigns.

Seasoned Experience

With our lengthy experience working with global brands, we are able to adeptly de-construct and edit video for OOH media that feels like it was conceived in tandem with the lead creative. Amongst others, we have been doing just this for Coty brands including Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood, Katy Perry and Chloé for over 5 years.

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We’re here to assist

We can help you navigate through the ever-changing guidelines and specifications for different digital screens. And like many of our production services, our agility, experience and efficiency means we can produce a concept and suite of multiple OOH formats often within only 2 or 3 days.