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Supersonic Hairdryer

Dyson products are icons of design, and have introduced some of the most innovative technologies. Working predominantly with the UK, US and Canada, Spicerack assist with mainly rich media design and production for their online campaigns. Creative we produce has to be of the utmost quality to match that of Dyson’s high-end products. We’ve been involved with vacuums, air treatment, hand dryers – and from the beginning, their revolutionary Supersonic hairdryer.

Our mission / brief

Dyson considered every function and feature to make the Supersonic a truly re-thought hairdryer. The aim was to bring Dyson’s ideas to life for the launch, in desktop and mobile formats.

We were tasked with delivering high-end, impactful experiences to a global audience of 58 markets, using the latest in creative technology. Our ads needed to offer a tactile impression of the product’s unique personality, months before it hit the stores.

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Our strategy

The challenges were limited time, and demonstrating the product before being available in stores. The solution was delivered through multiple concepts, focusing on specific aspects of innovation.

Many of the concepts were devised as standard formats, but two concepts stand out as the flagships of the campaign: a 3D model, and the second highlighting design and technology.

The mobile-first, rich media formats we devised and built provided potential buyers across the globe with a consistent, virtual hands-on experience. Each focused on Supersonic’s beautiful, stand-out design, developed with future-proof technology.

Execution 1

3d Spin & Explore

In Detail

In order to demonstrate the physical, tactile wonder of the Supersonic, we used finely-detailed 3D modelling to introduce the product in 360 degrees. We then introduced hotspots on key sections which, on interaction, revealed intricate animations of inner workings. These were carefully timed to run automatically if not triggered by interaction.

The entire colour palette of metallic and grayscale, picked out with the stunning pink of the product, added to the consistently premium feel across the campaign.

Execution 2

Swipe & Reveal

In Detail

Both concepts were designed for, and ultimately created as, a wide variety of desktop and handheld formats to cater for different markets’ needs.

This concept begins with a similarly rich 3D introduction to the product in 360 degrees. This time though, a 50:50 split in the design showed engineering from the inside out. An easy, intuitive drag function, especially catering for handheld use, allowed a total X-ray of the inner workings. Hotspots allowed a closer look at the detail, again using intricate animations to explain the technology.