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Energy Transitions Website Development

We developed a website to enable Shell’s global drive to support research into better energy solutions.

Our mission / brief

We were asked to develop an easy to update website to educate the public on cleaner energy, and to promote the research work of a new commission dedicated to improving the world’s green energy usage. We were also tasked with building a secure hosting platform that could scale with demand.

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Our strategy

With a clear brief, we set about collaboratively wire-framing, designing and user-testing a clean, modern and intuitive website. The goal was to create a destination where users could easily find content published by the commission. The proposed platform needed to be easy to maintain, and to support the work of the commission over the coming years.


We worked closely with the commission team and prospective users to develop an elegant platform for the presentation of the commission’s work. The design was validated with end users, and a round of iterations made to make improvements for mobile and tablet viewing.

CMS templates were developed for a number of different content types, along with modules enabling data capture and brochure downloads.

We built out the server architecture using the Rackspace Cloud, allowing for scaling up and down of the service based on demand, as well as meeting the commission’s security procurement requirements.

  • Website development
  • Drupal customisation
  • Managed Cloud Services
  • Rackspace cloud


The website has been well received by the commission and its users, and continues to receive regular Global traffic from 26 countries. The commission regularly use the platform to update users on research news and to publish reports for downloading. We continue to manage the cloud hosting and maintenance updates to the website for the commission.

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