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Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Master brand and Science Plan campaigns

Colgate-Palmolive’s pet food brand Hill’s delivers high quality products formulated to meet a diverse spectrum of unique needs. Innovation and the continual improvement of their product line is at the heart of Hill’s core values. It’s imperative that these values are reflected not only in the content and design of Spicerack’s creative, but also in the delivery.

Two seamless campaigns

Working directly with Hill’s digital marketing team, we were briefed on concurrent creative for the overall brand and specifically the Science Plan range. The creative was to have different key messaging but, running at the same time, needed a commonality in creative communication.

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Our expertise

This was our first project working with Hill’s. Provided with WaveMaker’s bespoke media plan, we were able to make recommendations on formats that we felt were most likely to be effective for each message.

Achieving a call-to-action for each objective across the whole campaign had not previously been possible, but we believed in the logic and knew it could work. Polite-loading the units made it technically possible, and also gave us the opportunity to achieve video-effect animation and quality without actually loading any video.

Video storytelling

In Detail

We were armed with evocative video footage from the lead agency’s creative toolkit. We saw from the start an opportunity to use different scenes from a range of footage to tell the educational stories needed in each format.

Not unusually, key formats with stretched dimensions – leaderboard and skyscraper – were a challenge for the footage, but we were confident we could maximise the space creatively and cleanly.

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Mobile-First approach

No user-initiation

All of the ads give a rich video experience but, as none of the ads actually serve video, they are also fully viewable on handheld devices; no user-initiation required.

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In Detail

Two campaigns were designed to run at the same time; messages different, but brand values very much connected.

The video footage we incorporated was faithfully deconstructed in order to play in scenes, slots and sizes that equally supported the key messaging.

We used dramatic animation of typography to maintain the flow of the storytelling created by the footage of the pets.

“Spicerack is a true partner agency I trust. They bring a vast expertise in digital marketing production, and a comprehensive technical skill set, while always keeping an innovative and creative mindset.”

Marianne Moss – Digital Marketing Manager UK & IE
Hill’s Pet Nutrition (Colgate-Palmolive)