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Leading a rebrand and website design project for Centrica acquisitions

Our mission / brief

Centrica needed to develop a new website to align the products and services of two recently acquired businesses – Io-Tahoe and RokittAstra.

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Our strategy

Working closely with the Centrica team and their communications agency, we created a new logo and website design to reflect the two brands combining to deliver products and services for the data analysis market. Our approach was to simplify the content hierarchy and ensure a great user experience on mobile and desktop.


We conducted a design and UX review of the existing Io-Tahoe and RokittAstra websites to identify key user journeys and content hierarchies, and root-out aspects that were and were not working. This, combined with the site usage data from Google Analytics, gave us enough insight to create an overall content strategy in combination with the client team.

We followed this exercise with a design sprint, delivering a site design to reflect the new content hierarchy and branding. Working to tight timelines due to a deadline for the PR launch of the new brand, we worked in 2 week design and build sprints, ultimately delivering the new website and content on time and within budget.

  • UX
  • Identity / Branding
  • Website Design
  • WordPress customisation
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Support


The new site has shown a significant uplift in users registering for downloads, webinars, and demos – all key drivers for the Io-Tahoe team. The communications team have continued to develop new content, which is published using the design framework and components we developed.

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