Landing page design & campaign creative for McCormick

It has been a challenging year for food brands whose big advertising pushes are traditionally associated with entertaining and catering for large gatherings. Our focus was to deliver landing page design, content hubs, and digital campaign creative centered around cooking at home and healthy eating for Ducros and Schwartz brands.

Digital Shelf – Landing Page Design

The Spicerack team has supported McCormick France with tasty designs for Ducros’ seasonal activities throughout the year: implementing a component-based framework while maintaining a unique campaign by campaign look and feel. The landing page design approach was to engage customers with select ranges of spices and seasonings with curated content around a central theme. These pages gave users access to useful content and promoted the products in a contextualized setting.

Ducros landing page optimisation
optimised landing page design Ducros

Dynamic Campaign Optimisation & Rich media

Schwartz digital campaign banners
Schwartz digital campaign banners

Working together with the Schwartz Team, Leo Burnett, and DOT/Publicis, we helped originate and build rich media banners and DCO creative to support the brand’s summer campaign activities.

The DCO strategy was to target time, day of the week, and the weather to present users with relevant messaging and products. We also included more time-sensitive and event-based messaging around football and other hot topics.

The rich media formats were animated using HTML5, CSS, and JavasScript to deliver a seamless experience across mobile and desktop while keeping filesizes low. A template-based approach allowed us to develop banners that were easily re-purposed for multiple markets and languages.

Schwartz Digital Campaign Optimisation

UX – Shopping Cart Optimisation

The existing Schwartz shopping cart experience is quite dated, performs poorly on mobile, and is inconsistent with the main website. After conducting user interviews, heat mapping, and prototype validation, we have created a new clean design and a simplified user journey. The new site will be live in 2021.

Schwartz optimised shopping basket design
Schwartz optimised shopping cart design