Shopify page optimisation

Optimising your Shopify pages for customer experience, speed, and accessibility is essential for improving your conversion rates. By providing a seamless user experience that's accessible to everyone, you're creating a more inclusive and trustworthy environment that can lead to increased sales and revenue.


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How does optimising pages impact conversion rates?

Optimising your Shopify pages for speed and accessibility makes it easier for your visitors to make a purchase. By providing a fast-loading, accessible website, you're creating a positive user experience that can increase trust, reduce frustration, and ultimately lead to more conversions. 

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Are there other benefits?

Google and other search engines prioritise fast-loading, accessible sites in their search results, which can help drive more traffic to your site and further increase your conversion rates.


If your pages take too long to load, visitors are likely to lose interest and move on to another site. This can result in lost sales and revenue for your business. By optimising your pages for speed, you ensure that your visitors have a seamless user experience, allowing them to find what they're looking for more quickly and ultimately making it easier for them to make a purchase.

01Image Optimisation
02Shopify 2 template conversion
03Asset minification
04Plugin auditing
05Deferred and Lazy loading
06Reducing DOM complexity


By making your Shopify pages accessible, you're opening up your site to a wider audience and potentially increasing your customer base. People with disabilities often face barriers when using websites, such as difficulty navigating or understanding the content. By removing these barriers, you're creating a more inclusive environment that benefits everyone.

01WGAC audit
02Markup for screen readers
03Colour and contrast balancing
04Component ordering

Shopify page optimisation in 3 steps

Stage 1 - Audit

  • We run an audit of your existing Shopify site using a number of tools, including LightHouse, GT Metrix, and the WebAIM Contrast Checker.

  • Our Shopify developers will audit your Shopify theme files and plugins to identify possible performance bottlenecks and DOM complexity issues.

  • Finally, we check your Google Tag Manager and other 3rd party tracking implementations to identify blocking and Javascript bloat. 

  • The output from this audit is a prioritised action plan and benchmarks against which remediation work will be judged to be successful.

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Shopify page optimisation in 3 steps

Stage 2 - Remediation

  • We will present our findings to you with a prioritised list of remediations.

  • Working collaboratively with you and your team, including other agencies, we create a work plan to carry out the necessary configuration, development, and asset management tasks.

  • Our Shopify Partner team will then start work on the remediation plan.

  • Typical actions include:

    • Unbundling and compressing JavaScript and CSS files

    • Optimising images and videos

    • Fixing theme file coding issues

    • Fixing configuration issues with Shopify Apps

    • Cleaning up Google TagManager implementation

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Shopify page optimisation in 3 steps

Stage 3 - Testing & monitoring

  • Upon completion of each phase of the work, a release will be made to a pre-production environment.

  • We will run PageSpeed and accessibility checking tools against this environment to verify that the remediations are in place before handing over to your team for final QA.

  • Post release, we can set-up monitoring tools to ensure that any theme/plugin and other changes that impact site performance are flagged and can be addressed.

  • We also work with your internal teams to ensure learnings on best practices for site administration and content creation are adopted.

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