We work with businesses to design, develop and maintain websites, web applications and platforms that are shaped by user goals.

How We Do IT

Our methodology is agile, user-centric and rooted in the ethos of continuous improvement.

By combining our proven methodology with best-in-class design and technology we create high quality, lasting websites and applications.


We put your customers & users at the heart of our design process. Using the latest UX methodologies to understand your users, we design experiences that enable them to achieve their goals and you to deliver results.

Lean UX

By keeping to short design sprints and following a Lean UX methodology we are able to rapidly build and test a minimum viable product (MVP). This approach is also applied to new features favouring rapid iterations over a lengthy design process.


We like to build basic prototypes of more complex features and functions, tested by real users to provide feedback into the design process.

spicerack independent creative technology agency - user centred design


The user interface design is developed and tested alongside the prototypes. Where possible we favour a component-based design approach, giving the broadest support for device display and content variation.

User Testing

We recruit users with similar backgrounds and goals to your customers and internal users. We promote user testing of your website or application as the best way to validate ideas, interface components and workflows.


An agile, test-driven approach and talented development team, focused on best practice, drive our quality technical build.

Frequent releases and real-world testing deliver regular new features to your users, and measurable business benefits for you and your team.

Test Driven

Our developers like to write tests. By testing our code as it is developed, we are able to minimise the number of bugs found in released software. A good test suite also enables faster refactoring and lower technical debt.

Best Practice

By following best practice, we develop applications that are robust, secure and performant. This makes for a more easily maintained code base, as well as limiting room for security exploits.

spicerack independent creative technology agency - quality assured build


Our development methodology is agile, in line with the rest of our process. Fast iterations in 1-2 week sprints enable us to deliver new features and fixes quickly.

Frequent Releases

Using continuous integration to enable releases to staging throughout the development sprint enables user testing and user acceptance testing (UAT) to take place in line with development deliverables.


The digital ecosystem moves quickly, and customers’ expectations of how they interact with your products and services change. By promoting a continuous improvement mindset, we can help you to constantly refine your website or web application, using short, focused, and cost effective design sprints.


We collect detailed application telemetry, application and system error messages, and user behaviour data. This enables us to spot issues and bottlenecks in the application and user interface quickly, addressing these in subsequent sprints.

UX Reviews

Regular UX reviews, post final release of an application or website, enable us to identify improvements that can be made to increase customer satisfaction and business goals.

spicerack independent creative technology agency - continuous improvement

User Testing

User testing with small panels of target users and latest devises enables us to identify areas where an existing application or website can be improved.

Design Sprints

Short (1-2 week) design sprints are used to focus on delivering new features, or updating existing features or workflow.


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We work with the latest and best web technologies, carefully selecting the right components to give you absolute confidence in the end solution.

Our experience in integrating with 3rd party systems, data sources and tools ensures tangible cost savings and increased functionality and accountability.

  • Ruby/Rails, NodeJS, React, Java, .NET
  • CMS (WordPress, Umbraco, Drupal)
  • NoSql, GraphQL
  • Elastic Stack
  • AI
  • Microservices
  • APIs
  • Ecommerce & Payment Gateways
  • Single Sign On
  • Analytics
  • Big Data / Data Warehouse

Case Studies

Data Insights Platform

We designed and built a cutting edge publishing platform for a leading trends insights company.

websites and platforms - foresight factory case study

Corporate Website Re-design

Following on from a UX review we re-designed the Io-Tahoe website for Centrica.


We provide fully managed cloud services for all your hosting and support needs.