Accelerate business growth through smart AI integration

Spicerack is at the forefront of AI integration, incorporating cutting-edge features within our clients' products, services and business workflows. We specialise in AI strategy and transformation, developing products using the latest models, and providing support to upskill your teams' AI capabilities.

Why Spicerack?

Cutting through the hype of AI in order to grasp the essential benefits and relevant use-cases for your business, customers and data can be a challenge. We’re empowering our clients to develop their AI and data strategies and build roadmaps for AI adoption across digital platforms.

In a rapidly evolving landscape, adopting an agile and well-informed approach to transformation is crucial. It will clear the path to iterative adoption, whilst mitigating the risks associated with building on shifting sands. Our experience in delivering AI-enhanced platforms and workflow solutions will give you the confidence to cross the threshold of innovation.

The result is tangible business growth and a better experience and value for your customers.

We can help:

  • Identify opportunities to utilise AI
  • Assess data and skills readiness
  • Develop AI strategy
  • Select appropriate AI/machine learning technologies
  • Prototype solution designs
  • Deliver business-ready applications
  • Ensure privacy and security compliance
  • Train and upskill employees with prompt engineering and other techniques

Use cases

Generative AI can improve customer experiences, add value to existing content and data, increase employee productivity and improve workflow automation.

We’re already supporting our clients with key use cases including the addition of virtual assistants and agents to their digital platforms, intelligent search, personalisation and content augmentation and increased automation.

By collaborating with you to identify core use cases that align with your business, and using our growing suite of AI-enabled tools, we can help you deliver innovation and growth in your business too.

Our solutions:

  • Virtual assistants/agents
  • Intelligent search
  • Personalisation
  • Content and data classification
  • Data insights and trends
  • Content/assessment review and feedback
  • Assisted content generation
  • Automation

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Conversational AI Interfaces

AI and machine learning revolutionise content accessibility. We've been busy applying AI-driven search interfaces for our clients, boosting natural language interaction with content through Generative AI. Our innovative approach taps into Large Language Models (LLMs) to create embeddings. We then feed these into OpenAI's completions API as part of a Retrieval Augmented Generation framework. With AI and machine learning expertise since 2020, we're primed to explore bespoke ideas and technologies.

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Smart assistants

The latest Large Language Models have presented us with an opportunity to develop smart assistants capable of understanding user intent and using that to drive other services within our clients' applications.

These assistants help hyper-personalise users' interactions with content and data and deliver efficiencies by automating tasks such as interrogating data and curating and sharing views with colleagues. These improved experiences are increasing customer stickiness and customer satisfaction scores for our clients.

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