AI for SAAS and Business

Spicerack is pioneering AI integration, introducing cutting-edge features within our clients' products and business workflows since 2020. Our expertise covers AI transformation, operational ML pipelines, conversational search with advanced language models and LangChain-powered user interfaces.

Strategy & Innovation

It's not always easy to cut through the hype of AI to the fundamental benefits and use-cases relevant to your business, users and data. We can help up-skill your teams, accelerate your use of AI and ML, and deliver real value to your customers and internal teams.

01Identify opportunities to use AI
02Facilitate data readiness
03Select appropriate AI and ML technologies
04Prototype solution designs
05Ensure privacy and security compliance
06Train and upskill employees

Prototype to Production

We can serve as an extension of your product and engineering teams, or act as a dedicated development partner. Our assistance includes guiding the development of architecture, interfaces and processes to seamlessly integrate AI and machine learning into your SAAS platform, business applications or website.

01User experience design
02Data ingest, tagging, and vectorisation
03Model selection and training
04Prompt engineering
05Cloud infrastructure
06SAAS and Business App integration

AIP Conversational AI Interfaces

AI and machine learning revolutionise content accessibility. We've been busy applying AI-driven search interfaces for our clients, boosting natural language interaction with content through Generative AI. Our innovative approach taps into Large Language Models (LLMs) to create embeddings. We then feed these into OpenAI's completions API as part of a Retrieval Augmented Generation framework. With AI and machine learning expertise since 2020, we're primed to explore bespoke ideas and technologies.

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