Education is the single most important thing in our social development. Without it, no one would have designed the first rocket ship, created the first portable mobile telephone, or converted from horse-drawn carriages to the beautifully designed “Motorwagen’s” built in 1885. Yet, creative education is often put on the back burner with continuing arts cuts around in the UK. 

However, in all this doom and gloom, there are still opportunities for the youth of our generation to enter into the creative industry and its businesses who are taking action! Local engineering company Dyson has pledged £6m to a local primary school so that it can reach 50% more students, teaching science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths. Boomsatsuma, a local media education company, in 2023 received new capital investment, which will help them to double their student capacity. Every business can support the creative youth of our generation, no matter how big or small. 

At Spicerack, we have been thinking about how we can continue to give back to our youthful community. We’re proud to continue providing apprenticeships within the design and technology areas and have undertaken these for the past 7 years. In addition to this, our team has been reaching out to their old secondary schools to see how we could support them. 

Our Digital Producer, Alice, reached out to Backwell Secondary School, and at the start of May, Alice supported their Careers Adviser and Coordinator, Charlotte with a number of mock interviews for their Year 12 students. Not only was it very nostalgic to walk around the school more than a decade after graduating but it was really insightful for Alice to speak with the students about how they could get involved in the creative industry. 

There are so many different methods in the arts that it can often seem daunting. However, having the support of a Careers Team and individuals who are in the industry now can help provide a clearer picture for students. Hearing real-life experiences, lessons learned and tips and advice can really help guide students to find the right path for their future. 

We all know that “the path” is never a clear one, with speed bumps and potholes scattered throughout to throw you off. However, making the most of every situation, building connections, remaining curious, focusing on personal growth and ‘being the change you wish to see’, is how we can continue to support our creative youth. 

We urge you to consider what small act is within your means to help; you might be surprised at how big the impact could be.