Last Autumn, we had a company get-together, and we decided that there were 2 specific areas we would like to improve in as a company; sustainability and giving back to the community.

We had a company-wide brainstorming session to come up with ideas for ways we could become more sustainable. We were already using Ecologi to offset our carbon emissions, but there were many things we could do, both large and small, to improve.

We came up with a number of ideas together, and then a few of us formed the Sustainability Action Squadron to take the ideas and get them implemented. We split the ideas into ‘quick wins’ and ‘long term goals’. Then we each took a few tasks to run with.

Some of our long-term goals included moving to a more eco-friendly bank and investigating the possibility of becoming a B Corp. We have now switched banks to the Co-Op. We are moving through the application process for becoming a B Corp and ensuring we fulfill the requirements, like designing and building the sustainability page on our company website.

We were able to implement several of our quick-win ideas. We started getting our milk and tea from Milk and More to help us reduce waste. We did some research into local coffee roasters, did some sampling, and selected Blind Owl Coffee for all our caffeination needs! We also encouraged people in the office to switch from using the Google search engine and use a plugin instead called Ecosia, which plants trees as you use it. More of the team now cycle to work regularly, and our cleaning is done with eco-friendly products.

As a company, we want to work with clients and partners who are also committed to sustainability, we will continue to use sustainable and eco-friendly products where possible, and our sustainability team will keep looking for other opportunities for us to improve.

Check out our Sustainability page to find out more.