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SEGA Sonic 2 Release

Supporting SEGA creative service and CRM teams

SEGA asked us to support their creative services team in designing, building and testing email templates for campaigns promoting upcoming game releases and competitions. Working on email designs for iconic game titles such as Sonic, 13 Sentinels and Lost Judgement is an enormously satisfying remit.

Sonic Frontiers Email Design
Soul Hackers 2 Email DesignLost Judgement Email Design

Pushing the possible

Emails are notoriously difficult to design due to the limitations of current email client technology, which still hark back to the dark ages of the internet

Drawing on ten years of experience designing and building email templates for major brands, our team pushes the boundaries of what is possible while supporting accessibility and dark mode rendering across major email clients.

Component Design Framework

Using our component email framework and rigorous testing, we provide quick turnaround times for reactive email campaigns without compromising the quality and innovation of our creative output.

SEGA Sonic Frontiers Mobile Email

SEGA Sonic Frontiers Mobile Email

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