McCormickLanding page design & campaign creative

  • HTML5
  • Sitecore
  • AMP
  • Landing pages
  • Digital campaigns
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Supporting McCormick brands across EMEA

We designed and built a number of seasonal landing pages and digital campaigns for McCormick brands including Schwartz, Ducros and Vahiné. Our focus was to deliver vibrant and fun designs centred around cooking at home and healthy eating.

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Rich Media & Social

The DCO strategy targeted time, day of the week and weather forecasts to present users with relevant messaging and products. We also included more time-sensitive and event-based messaging around football and other hot topics.

The rich media formats were animated using HTML5, CSS and JavasScript to deliver a seamless experience across mobile and desktop, whilst keeping file size low. A template-based approach ensured that our banners were easily repurposed for multiple markets and languages.

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E-commerce optimisation

Spicerack worked with the Schwartz brand team to redesign their shopping experience. We created a fresh theme that can be used across EMEA brands, and a best-practice Shopify Plus cart and checkout.

The business logic uses a bridging API created to integrate with existing back-office components, with a new Laravel-based API serving the main platform front-end.

We worked closely with the Beautynet core system developers to ensure future in-house maintainability.

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