DisneyFacebook chatbot for “own the moment” campaign

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Disney Own The Moment Campaign

Technology Partner

As part of Disney's ‘Own the Moment’ campaign, Spicerack was chosen to design and build a chatbot to run across Disney's Facebook pages.

The main goal was to educate users on the variety of ways in which Disney films can be downloaded ‘to keep’ across key retail platforms.

Disney was also eager to understand customer willingness to interact with chatbots, particularly in the 55-64 age category.

Disney Own The Moment Poster
Disney Own The Moment Poster (3)

Designing Conversation Trees

By developing a set of storyboards and a conversation tree, we mapped the different user journeys and educational goals. We designed content cards to promote Disney films and the channels through which they can be streamed and downloaded.

Using the conversation structure and our chatbot framework, we created the "Own the Moment" experience on the Facebook Messenger platform. The chatbot application is hosted on a dedicated cloud infrastructure set-up, managed by Spicerack.

Disney Own The Moment Facebook Chatbot

Testing chatbot uptake

The chatbot saw 8000+ interactions during the first week. There were positive interaction results amongst the 55-64 age category, specifically targeted as users who would struggle with the ‘Own The Moment’ content.

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