Häagen-DazsEvery Day Made Extraordinary campaign

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About the project

For the global re-launch of Häagen-Dazs’ enhanced and extended ice cream range, there was a strong move to re-position the brand as a lifestyle icon. Lead agency Saatchi & Saatchi developed beautiful assets for screen and print. Spicerack were tasked with seamlessly developing the campaign for all global online platforms.

We were briefed to re-design the charity’s website with a brief to create a clean, modern, and easily maintainable website and backend that can support WaterHarvest’s drive to modernise and build their online donations through increased content creation and media spend.

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Our strategy

We proposed rich media formats across desktop, mobile and social that integrated the video vignettes richly in line with the products themselves.

The toolkit also needed to cater for markets with less remit for high file size and video. Formats were devised which held their own against the exuberant feel and flow of the rich media.

The final toolkit was designed for the different markets to be able to quickly mix and match the different products, models and messaging in unison or individually across any format.

Haagen Dazs Banner Gallery

In detail

The standard online media needed to work across different markets’ often IAB-oblivious, dated specs. With our global toolkit strategy, all the formats we developed required a universal energy and quality, unfettered by restrictions. We confidently committed to designs that blended full-bleed, richly colourful photography with bold, adventurous typography, without being held back by worst-case scenarios or antiquated media specs.

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